It was a pleasure working with Pastor Kevin Loo to launch his first NFT on Opensea. This was my first step towards guiding traditional artists to explore the world of Digital art and NFT.

About the artist

“I am a pastor, a pastor who paints.

I still remember how 35 years ago I went for my first art class. The brushes, colors and papers fascinated me to no end. And through the years of honing my basics and perfecting my craft, I finally found my identity within the art world, an expression, an extension of who I am.

Being a person with a narrow sense of beauty, I am stubborn with my direction and creativity. At the same time, it is my way of finding who I am.

Truly, the process of creating is the process of discovery. Self-discovery.

I welcome you to journey with me.”

In The Beginning

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Instagram art profile

Opensea profile – The Bible

By the time I completed this post, all 7 copies of his art was already sold.

His 3rd edition on opensea with unlocking content is truly amazing.

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