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With the fast growing popularity of NFT art, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. CypherCHK runs a Twitter collection each week, and I’ve decided to feature some of these artists here. If you too would like to be featured, connect with me directly via Twitter.

It’s always good to know the artists personally, understanding their motivations and thoughts behind launching an NFT. Some of them really caught my attention with the novelty of their work, and are featured below. My previous post featured 8 artists, including Alexa Meade whose art is absolutely mesmerising.

Selection from 1st May 2021

@poldimalorie – want to know her art? Then check out her Instagram, her personal profile on instagram and a must watch music video on Youtube. Purchase her NFTs on Opensea.

@gio.masia_art – I liked the mixture of real world and imagination which he calls, realistic and surrealistic. Check out his profile on instagram. I was surprised to find only 2 projects for sale on Foundation, and hope to see more in the future.

@MrBeny_7 – Reminds me of an era from Pulp Fiction, with a modern touch of boldness. His instagram has much to admire, but the collection on Opensea is sadly limited. His rendition of Marylin Freak on Foundation made me think of Elton John’s song written after her passing.

@Artnaut – I liked his concept, as he explains it best; “The concept is about my dream of traveling through space and exploring the universe. In this project called “polaroids from space”, we are seeing polaroids taken by an imaginary astronaut during his space adventures! Each one is inspired by something and each is unique!”. Check out his work on Foundation

@Anthonyhurd – Today I came across Anthony on Twitter and he had posted how someone had told him to “go back to painting.”. His art is amazing to say the least and the world needs traditional artist to move to the NFT space for the world to enjoy them. Check his profile out on Linktree

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2 thoughts on “NFT Artist

  1. Hey mate, just want to thank you for this post.
    This post led me to investigate more about NFTs and I started creating my own work in that space. Just thought I’d let you know and say thank you!

    1. You are most welcome Marlon, I am glad that I could be of assistance. This is the purpose of this blog, a space for people to learn and be confident in stepping into the world of blockchain and crypto. Enjoy your journey!

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