Women in Crypto – Catching up with Lisa Edwards

I’ve been following Lisa Edwards for some time now, and have been very impressed with her trading calls, and even more so with her fresh, fun approach to Crypto trading. The popular author/actor/producer & screenwriter has now diversified into a leading crypto influencer, and specialist trader. I was humbled when she took time off (which includes producing her new film CoinRunners), for an interview with Bitcoins.lk.

Popularly known as Lisa N Edwards, the Australian born icon is an Elliott Wave specialist trader, with over 20 years of experience in traditional stocks & commodities, Whois  currently, exclusively into trading cryptocurrency. She runs and Co-owns gettingstartedincrypto.comthousandtomillions.com and The Moon Mag with Josh Taylor. While she is primarily focused on Elliot Wave, she also uses other methods to trade, including support and resistance, volume profile, Fibonacci, and various chart indicators.

When did you first get into crypto?

I have been in crypto since the dawn of cryptocurrency, and have worked with major crypto companies over the years to help them have exposure in the crypto world. I first started trading in the traditional stock market, but found the volatility of cryptocurrency more exciting!

What was your first purchase? (At least she didn’t buy a pizza!)

Wow, my first purchase must have been so long ago! I always try to pay for everything in cryptocurrency, but it’s still a very new technology. I think my first purchase was probably a plane ticket!

What made you become a crypto influencer ? 

I didn’t necessarily make it my goal to become an influencer. It has happened quite organically, and as a result, I’ve met a lot of cool people and gained many friends! I enjoy seeing what’s going on in the world using Twitter and have a lot of fun with the artwork on my coin charts!! Obviously, with a growing following, it becomes hard to reach out to everyone and reply to every tweet, but I see most of them and they always make me smile!

Check out her fun charts on Twitter

What is your crypto portfolio?

I shared this the other day in my paid signals group at gettingstartedincrypto.com. It was really useful as we have a variety of traders in the group. Some spot trade, some scalp, but also a big number of them are just HODLers. Some of my biggest bags are in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Kusama (KSM), but I also have long term HODLs that are not necessarily the most obvious choice….you’ll have to join our group to find out more! 

Membership on gettingstartedincrypto.com works out to less than $3 a day, so I suggest you skip that extra cup of coffee and join!

What makes you get out of bed?

What is this bed thing you talk about? Haha! Crypto 24/7.

Now we know why she posts pics of coffee mugs on twitter!

If someone walked up to ask for your advice on building a successful online presence, what would be your best tip?

Just be yourself. Don’t try to be something you aren’t, as people are quick to see right through it. I talk to people on Twitter as I would talk to them in real life! 

What or who makes you happy and why?

The small things in life make me happy. I’ve been so grateful to lead an exciting life and experience so much, but it’s always come back to the things we often take for granted in life. I love going down to the beach, walking my dogs and enjoying nice food (obsessed with Mexican at the moment!). As soon as the world opens up a bit more, I want to hop on a plane and visit friends across the world.

What is your greatest fear?

Fears? What fears? 😀

If you only had $10,000 now, how will you invest it in Crypto?

I would diversify. One of the biggest mistakes people tend to do, is to go full retard into one coin with all their funds. The key is to diversify, and set your stop loss! So I’d be looking at strong projects that show real potential. I love Travala and Polkadot, to just name a couple.

Any closing thoughts? 

I’m just happy to be sharing my knowledge and having fun in the crypto space. The more people we can encourage to be involved, the better! My business partner, Josh and I have got some really cool plans for the paid signals group, including a course where others can learn how to trade. Oh, and then I’ve got my film CoinRunners too….. It all keeps me busy!

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