Women in Crypto – Catching up with Wendy O

It’s encouraging to see the emergence of ladies into the Cryptoverse. Continuing with my series on Women in Crypto, next up is Wendy of Tik Tok fame. Known as “Wendy O” in crypto circles, she’s a good example of how life-changing crypto can be. It truly is the hope of financial reform for the average person (and even economies), who face the struggles of everyday life by earning fiat, which is fast losing value due to its inflationary nature.  

Born and raised in California, she’s the oldest of three sisters. “Growing up I had a rough time after the death of my father around age 11. I figured a lot of things out later in life, and today, things are ok”.

Her crypto journey began in 2018 by live streaming her community networking events on YouTube. She also addressed the lack of transparent marketing in the industry in her own way by launching Beyond Associates, providing media solutions and professional events for blockchain companies globally. 


Chill Time – Sitting by the pool and listening to music with a glass of wine

Favourite Food – Mom’s home cooked Italian food

Favourite Music – Old school punk, as that embodies the ethos of Bitcoin!

When did you first get into crypto, and what was your first purchase? 

I first heard it from a family member in 2011, when he wanted to borrow my credit card to buy Bitcoin. I didn’t have a credit card back then LOL. I then heard about it on Libertarian talk and decided to take the risk. I bought my first fraction of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin at the end of 2017, spending only U$ 2,000. Back then, little did I realise that investing in Crypto would help me change my life forever.

What made you become a crypto influencer? 

My childhood ambition was to be an attorney or archaeologist! Before the world of crypto, I worked in the infectious disease sector in healthcare, managing over 200+ patients per month, many with HIV/AIDS. I made sure that they were given medication, were adherent, had up-to-date insurance, and were doing well mentally. I didn’t plan to become an influencer. It just happened, as people enjoyed my charts and content on Twitter. Things worked out, and I was able to make a business out of my network. 


Pitfalls – Losing money while trading and investing. That is never fun.

Best Moments – My events; meeting new people and sharing special memories

Scariest Moments – The threats I receive, which are also extended to my daughter

What is your crypto portfolio?

The majority of my portfolio consists of BTC, ETH and other stable coins, along with a few riskier assets, which I’d prefer to keep private. I can’t blame her for not sharing them after hearing about the threats!

What motivates you to get out of bed?

My daughter is my favourite part of life; she is the reason for everything. Quoting her “mommy does Bitcoin at work and helps people” ❤️

If someone walked up to ask for your advice on building a successful online presence, what will be your best tip?

To be yourself, and network at many in-person gatherings and events as possible


What’s Your Happy Place – I enjoy helping others and seeing them succeed

Greatest Fear – Losing a loved one

If you only had $10,000 now, how will you invest it in Crypto? We think alike! Check my post on 4th Chance in Crypto.

  • 2,500 Bitcoin
  • 1,250 ETH
  • 1,250 BNB
  • 1,250 DOT
  • 1,250 Solana
  • 1,250 risky alts
  • Remaining Stable coins for passive income – This is a part I regret not doing during the market correction we are experiencing, as most coins were pretty much on sale.

What do you think of the present market situation?

I think people should be cautious when deciding to invest. The market is currently bearish, and you won’t see volatile upward moves as often. Practice risk management, and be active in taking profit.

Any closing thoughts? 

Always remember to take profit and believe in yourself! The power of positive thinking changed my life for the better, and good things started happening. Count your blessings and be grateful for them, no matter how big or small. It took me many years to understand this.

Check out her Super Speedy Profit Taking Strategy below.


I am surprised at all the bad comments and threats received by influencers. One thing that all of them stress on is the importance of doing your own research prior to investing on projects. I wish people were more grateful for the free knowledge given by them. No one can predict the market with 100% accuracy, but they can help you learn the fundamentals, giving you a better chance to be in the game for the long term. There are no quick gains in any investment. Invest in the long term, as blockchain is the future of the transactional internet.

Want to connect with Wendy? Check her out on cryptowendyo.com here. Make sure to follow her official accounts, as there are many scam profiles out there!

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  1. I love Wendy O, I follow her on Tiktok and Youtube! She puts out great crypto content, though I wish she would do a bit more on the Defi side of things.


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