An Unconventional Step into the Metaverse!

Happy Two’s Day everyone (Tuesday, 02/22/2022)! We will not witness a similar occurrence for another 200 years, and so, I wanted to put up a fitting post today to immortalise this day.

Metaverse is more than just gaming and buying land. It can help change the life of a underage girl from selling her body to survive. This is the vision of May Mahoob, the Co-founder and CEO of Meta Bank Defi, an unconventional, decentralised, photorealistic, financial District in the Metaverse. Their goal; “to create a financial district where everyone has the ability to become their own bank”. Unlike in the financial districts we are accustomed to, Meta Bank DeFi gives the opportunity for you and I to have a digital identity, with accessibility to technology, resources, education, healthcare, and much more, across the globe.

Like most projects in the Cryptoverse, Meta Bank DeFi is starting by primarily focusing on the underdeveloped countries and communities, where many wouldn’t have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Their futuristic vision is to blend augmented and virtual reality using metaverse for a broader approach. I would also suggest you invest in the MBD token which is soon to be launched.

Here’s my interview or I would say chat, with May Mahoob.

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