Ethereum’s long-awaited Merge with the Beacon Chain has finally come to light. Ethereum now shifts from proof-of-work from proof-of-stake consensus. The Merge would be the equivalent of the Y2K in the Web 3.0 world. The network shifted to PoS seamlessly, which now will change to a more eco friendly blockchain by replacing the hardware based miners to validators who will stake ETH to process transactions and maintaining the network. As tweeted by the founder Vitalik the merge will reduce the worlds electricity consumption by 0.2% and as it will now stop rewarding validators ETH will now become deflationary. Yes, this is a buy signal if ever there was one.

Twitter the home of the Web3 maxies, hosted many twitter spaces parties to celebrate the merge whilst others rushed to launch the first PoS NFTs! Officially the Merge took place on Sept. 15 at 06:42:42 UTC at block 15537393. The first announcement of the mint and sale of the NFT came shortly after at 07:08 UTC, a panda face purchased spending 36 ETH in Gas fees (U$ 57,132 at the time of posting)!

This is why I too thought of minting my first NFT of Vitalik’s tweet of the successful launch of ETH 2.0!

Thank you for being a part of this historic occasion. There are 100 of them on OpenSea

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