The Ultimate Guide to the Top 5 Crypto Portfolio Trackers

crypto portfolio trackers

Stay ahead in crypto, discover the most effective portfolio tracking solutions

The surge in demand for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology among retail investors, especially in altcoins, is emblematic of the evolving crypto landscape, which calls for the need for crypto portfolio trackers. Retail investors are increasingly drawn to altcoins due to their potential for high returns and diversification beyond well-established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Altcoins offer unique features, such as specialized use cases, innovative technologies, and promising projects, which appeal to investors seeking investment opportunities. 

With over 23,000 cryptocurrencies, wallets, and tokens constantly flooding the crypto market, managing your portfolio can be daunting. Because of this, cryptocurrency portfolio trackers have surfaced to help new and seasoned investors manage various cryptocurrency portfolios while accounting for the asset class’s volatility. 

What is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

A crypto portfolio tracker is a software, an app, or a website designed to help crypto investors monitor and manage their investment holdings in the crypto market. Essentially, it provides a centralized dashboard where users can track the performance and value of their cryptocurrency assets across various exchanges and wallets. 

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Why do you need crypto portfolio tracking software?

You can only manage what you can track and measure. More importantly, the volatile nature of crypto markets calls for a top-end platform that can guarantee the most effective management of clients’ portfolios. The crypto industry is gaining mainstream adoption and recognition globally, just like fiat currency, cryptocurrency value is constantly fluctuating. Having a handful of these assets can be tiring and time-wasting while assessing their performance over time. With tracking apps, investors can easily do this in a single instant view, ensuring they are up-to-date with their financial position regarding crypto investments. 

What to consider when looking for a crypto portfolio tracker? 

Like cryptocurrencies, there are many crypto portfolio tracking platforms out there, and all of them are trying to convince users to select them as their main option for tracking their crypto assets, making it relatively difficult to choose the right platform for your crypto portfolio. 

You should not worry anymore, as we have compiled a list of critical issues to consider when identifying your next crypto tracker portfolio.  

Financial Integration and Inclusivity

When your wallet and exchange sync automatically, you can save time and effort by not having to enter transactions manually. Seek a tracker that provides easy connectivity with well-known wallets and exchanges. 

Supported Coins

Ensure that the tracker supports the cryptocurrencies you hold or plan to hold. Some trackers may only support popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, while others may support a wide range of altcoins.

Ease of use 

Seek a platform with simple navigation and an intuitive user interface. You should be able to quickly add, remove, or track the holdings in your portfolio.


Think about the qualities that are significant to you. Real-time price tracking, transaction history tracking, portfolio performance metrics, and configurable notifications for price changes are some of the typical features of cryptocurrency portfolio trackers.

Customization Options

With a good portfolio tracker, you should be able to personalize your dashboard and results to suit your tastes. This could include customizing alerts, selecting alternative chart types, and rearranging widgets.


Consider the pricing structure of the tracker. Some may offer basic features for free with premium features available through a subscription, while others may have a one-time purchase fee. Evaluate whether the features provided justify the cost for your needs.

Top 5 Crypto Portfolio Tracking Platforms 

Now that we have a clear understanding of crypto tracking platforms, let’s have a look at the top five platforms in the market. Some offer distinctive features that make them stand out, while others combine a series of features that set them apart as premium crypto portfolio tracking software. 



CoinStats is a complete cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that provides news gathering, portfolio management, and real-time price tracking. With support for more than 300 exchanges and 8,000 cryptocurrencies, CoinStats gives customers a plethora of data to help them make wise investing choices. With the platform’s portfolio analytics feature, users can track their success over time and see trends.



CoinTracker provides automated transaction monitoring over numerous exchanges and wallets. Users can create thorough tax reports for filing by simply importing their transaction history. To assist customers in making the most out of their investing ideas, CoinTracker also provides performance-tracking tools and portfolio data.

Delta Crypto Tracker

Delta is another top-tier crypto portfolio tracker with a sleek and intuitive user interface. With support for over 6,000 cryptocurrencies and 300 exchanges, Delta provides users real-time price tracking, portfolio management, and news updates. The platform also offers advanced charting tools and portfolio analytics to help users make informed decisions.



CryptoCompare provides a feature for tracking portfolios. In addition to receiving real-time price information, users can track their holdings across several exchanges and establish and manage multiple portfolios. With extensive market data and analytical tools, CryptoCompare also helps users remain current on the most recent changes in the cryptocurrency industry.


crypto portfolio trackers

CoinTracking is a robust crypto portfolio tracker that offers advanced features for serious investors. Users can import their transaction history from over 70 exchanges and wallets, generate detailed tax reports, and track their portfolio performance with customizable analytics tools. CoinTracking also offers a mobile app for easy access to portfolio data.


 A cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is useful for investors who want to manage their holdings actively, monitor their performance, and keep up with market changes. These systems facilitate investment by centralizing and organizing crucial portfolio data, enabling users to make informed strategic decisions in real time.

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