Why Crypto?

Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency invented in 2008 by a person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto and started in 2009. This was the birth of Internet 3.0, the transactional internet which will change the way we use digital assets for ever.

Bitcoin (BTC), blockchain, cryptocurrency are taking the world by storm and many are still to join into this. Some who joined the Bitcoin train in the early days have already ended up being millionaires during the 2020 bull market which saw BTC growing from U$ 10,000 to $40,000+ in Jan 2021. Yes, If you purchased 10 bitcoins even in the late 2019s you would be enjoying your retirement now.

However, the rise of BTC is not yet over and it is forecasted to rise unto U$ 150,000 and some forecast U$ 500,000.

The aim of Bitcoin.lk is to educate you on how to understand Crypto Currency and profit by it. These are lessons learned by me by investing time and some money to learn the basics before jumping onto the train.

Crypto is still the Wild Wild West and you better know how to handle a gun before walking into the fight.

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About me

I’ve been in the technology space for the past two decades. I’ve experience the interest in Crypto and Blockchain having exponential growth in 2020. I now consult to organisations on implementation of blockchain tech and to individuals on how to start their journey into crypto currency. I am humbled to have presented and conducted crypto training sessions globally.

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Welcome Dayana to the Bitcoins.lk team

Dayana Pankova, is a tech enthusiast with a passion for all things crypto, blockchain, metaverse, cybersecurity, and fintech.

“I joined bitcoins.lk as a way to share my knowledge and insights with others who are interested in the world of crypto.

Well, I can’t promise you all the answers. Let’s be real – crypto can be a tough nut to crack.
Crypto is no joke like any other tech domains. As the legendary AI contributor Alan Turing once said: ‘It is not difficult to build an intelligent machine. The difficulty is getting it to do intelligent things.’ And that’s exactly what I aim to do with this blog – help you make intelligent decisions.

So join us on this journey as we explore the exciting world of technology together. Thank you for visiting, and let’s prepare to make some intelligent moves into web 3.

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